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Hey, Coworkies! I was wondering what's your favourite coworking experience with your community after working hours?
Mine personally is when we have a Board games night and we hit some Cards against humanity or Dixit, drink beers and laugh our asses off. Another personal favourite is the Pitching stations where experts give lots of knowledge away, after one of them I feel really inspired and all brainy.
So I was wondering what's yours?
Thanks for sharing,
Milena :)


Hannah Ashford Head of Coworking, Rainmaking Loft Berlin
Hey Milena!

I agree with all of the activities you said - although we haven't yet had a Board Games Night in our coworking space (brilliant idea though - particularly Cards Against Humanity)! Last year we had a Community Pitch Night, where all of our startups had to pitch their startup in one minute, which was really fun. As the Rainmaking Loft is a coworking space for startups only, it was a great way for all of the community to get to know exactly what the other teams are doing and it sparked lots of communication and collaboration between the members. We also have monthly ping pong tournaments (ft. lots of pizza and beer) which are pretty hilarious as everybody gets quite competitive haha. So yes, those would be my favourites!
Andreja Blatnik
we go for a bear every 2nd Friday afternoon and play counter strike on special occasions. Men just love that.

Coworking @Atol Ljubljana, Slovenia