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Hello, I'm a co-working 'newbie' so to speak. I like working in cafes but I think I'm going to try working in coworking places for a month. I wonder if you can share interesting experiences, what you like and do not like about coworking places. I can say that I do not like the cost of joining these places.


Tony Wooster Software Engineer
Hi Vishanka,

Coworking places can be great but they can also be really busy and loud. It really depends on the type of work that you're doing, the community you're looking for, and how that melds with the space. I'd look at the layout and try to determine if there a separation between quiet and active areas.

In some coworking spaces I've been to, active areas -- such as the kitchen, meeting rooms, event spaces -- are separated from the main work areas, allowing free flow and interaction that doesn't interrupt workers, whereas in other spaces it's all mixed. Personally, I find it difficult and distracting to work in mixed-activity level spaces since my work requires intense concentration.

On the other hand, some coworking spaces are too much like libraries and you don't feel the community aspect because everyone keeps to themselves. Finding a balance is key. In general, I'd get the vibe but caution yourself that an exciting feeling space to visit might be overwhelming to work.

Also of great importance: free coffee is a must. And a space that hosts events -- in the evenings primarily, less in the work-day -- could have a stronger community than just rent-a-desk locations. Look for group lunches or attached cafes that make the experience more than just a desk or a coffee-shop alone.

Good luck!

Vishanka Researcher, writer and strategist
Hi Tory,

Thank you for your response. I'm looking for something that allows me to concentrate, because I tend to get distracted easily, with enough possibilities to interact with people at other times.
Most cafes these days are quite noisy with the chatting tpand the music. I have come across some members only cafe, which I might try at some point.

Thank you once again.

Good luck!