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Monica Wolters

Have you ever thought about coming to Portugal?

Portugal is a really beautiful and sunny country with an exceptional range of different landscapes just a short distance away, lots of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony. The fast internet and in-built facility with the English language make this a friendly paradise for remote workers.

The Portuguese ecosystem has been establishing itself over the last few years. Long before Lisbon became the trending tech hub, there already were many tech related companies in Porto and Coimbra. Lisbon is also a host of some big international events like Digital Nomad Conference, WebSummit and Lisbon Investment Summit.

Me and my team have experience working remotely so we decided to start a project to help people who want to work remotely from Portugal. We’re offering you the possibility to travel between Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra while working remotely in the best places in these towns! We will find you a place to sleep, the best working and eating spots in town and you can organize your stay the way you want. We will also give you the best tips we know in these cities! Let us know if you need some help!

Message me ( or sign up ( for more information :)


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