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Hey everyone, please share with the Coworkies team any bugs you find on the page. As we are just 3 people doing all sorts of startup things we cant see all of them. So lets do it like that when you find one: You share we fix it for you:)) Much appreciations for your help in advance!


Liam Swift Creative Director
Hey Dimitar! I don't seem to be getting the activation / confirmation email. I've hit resend a few times. - L
Dimitar Product manager @Coworkies
Hey Liam, welcome to Coworkies and thanks for the feedback. We have some issues with certain emails., working now to fix it. What email provider do you use? Just resend it manually, let me know if it is still not there.
Julian Vogels CTO & Co-Founder
Congrats on launching alpha! I just signed up, here are my first suggestions:

1. The email notifications for “new connection” and “new message” should probably default to true. It’s refreshing that this is not the case, but I think you need this for retention.
2. The cookies warning could be designed to fit with the website style
3. The image upload doesn’t give me any feedback. It just takes the image path and uploads it if I press save, I guess. It’d be better if that would be handled asynchronously with a progress bar, and I wouldn’t have to hit save. Then I’d have an immediate feedback if it worked. Also, is there a maximum file size?
4. Onboarding: It’s nice, but when I get to the account screen and fill in all the stuff (which… I can’t even count how many times I did in my life), and then hit save, I expected it to show me what I can do with the website. Some kind of tour or so. Instead it just saves and that’s it, I’m on my own now.
5. In the peoples tab, the little office chair icons looked like lots of little spiders to me at first impression. Dunno, maybe I’m just weird. It’s just an aesthetic thing.
6. No way to filter people with little tags? I don’t know if everybody would like to type “Berlin” every time s/he wants to see people from just that area?
Julian Vogels CTO & Co-Founder
7. This forum should not kill my message formatting on submit.
Dimitar Product manager @Coworkies
Hey Julian, thanks for the time and feedback. We are working on most of the points. Also on the formatting:) Will make an update with all of the improvements in the next days!
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
Remember previous page when logging in, so it doesn't go right to my profile page (esp considering the forum)

Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
let me format my post with newlines por favor
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
autocomplete the skills, or show a tag cloud, something that will get people to post more relevant tags which will in turn promote more verbose tagging for purposes of searching
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
show reverse followers so I can see who follows me :)
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
open hours and map for each space
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
moar marekt research. dont' take my advice on features, find out what everyone wants/needs and what pain they have that they'd like to solve with those features, chase that pain and fix it for them
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
replace gallery/events/members buttons with a single button, then use the space for something relevant. what is the purpose of the places list? what do you hope to achieve with it?
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
why [advertising]?
put something useful there for now.... maybe a link to your coworking space map?

later you can push the ads.. when you get some?

(how much would you charge for an ad looking for react.js devs in berlin?)
Art Richards CTO & Co-Founder of
look at some competitors
Dimitar Product manager @Coworkies
Thanks, Art! The next time we see each other the beer is on me:)
Oliver Chang Co-founder & COO
Just wonder how can I invite friends? Seems don't see this feature.
Dimitar Product manager @Coworkies
Oliver, just go to HOME and you should have an INVITE box on the right. Alternatively just send them the link:
Steve Farrugia
'welcome to the comunity' rather than 'community' after signing up :)
Dimitar Product manager @Coworkies
Thanks, Steve, much appreciating the big/spelling tip:) Fixing it now:)
Ray Doeksen
I get an error message when I try to add my space, Pumping Station: One, and I was wondering if there's an issue with a special character (colon) in the name?