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Hey guys! Great to have you here on COWORKIES. Please introduce yourself and tell us more about you!


Valentine Hutchings
Hi guys! I am Valentine, Community and Communications Manager at Rainmaking Loft London. Happy to answer any questions about our space or anything :)
Tony Wooster Software Engineer
Hey there! Checking in from the Rainmaking Loft here in Berlin. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk tech, startups, or explore this awesome city.
Julian Vogels CTO & Co-Founder
Hi! I'm Julian, CTO & Co-Founder of Soundbrenner Limited, a Music Tech startup based in Hong Kong and Berlin. I'm working at the R&D Center of the Fab Lab Berlin, in midst the growing community of Makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. I'd be happy to connect with some of you guys. We're always looking for good engineers for example. And on a personal note, I'd like to meet some people that are into building musical instruments (electronic/digital).
Steve Farrugia
Hi, I'm moving to Paris soon and will be working remotely. I'm looking for some great places to work - and I have already seen some good options. I look forward to coworking with some Paris-based coworkies!
Rick James! Chatas Designer
Hi everyone,
My name is Rick James! and I'm a remote freelance designer currently living in Barcelona. Hope to meet you all some time soon!
Rick James! Chatas Designer
Now living in Budapest with NomadHouse until 8/29! :)
Erik Brits Entrepreneur
Hello! I've been in tourism since I left varsity (South African general travel, and wildlife safaris all over Africa) and am learning to code at the moment so I can start some other things. Based at Greenpoint Coworking, if you're coming to Cape Town (or SA in general) shout out and I'd be happy to give you the lay of the land.
MENA+FRED Creative Partners
Thanks for being here! Amazing idea and full of potential :)
We are 2 young designers from Germany, Nuremberg. We love to create, help startups and of course travel :) If there are questions about Logos, Adobe CC, or any other topic just let us know!
Shachar Shamir Entrepreneur
Hello everyone!
My name is Shachar (or Shaka if it's easier :) ), I am the Co-founder of Ranky.

Ranky is a startup marketing team that specialized in digital marketing for startups. We have helped more than 130 startups around the world with their growth and marketing efforts as mentors in accelerators and hubs such as Microsoft Ventures, WeWork, Hub:Raum - Berlin, Wayra (London and Berlin) etc.
And with hands-on solutions for startups that don't have a marketing team or need an external CMO.
We provide services such as SEO / PPC / Content Marketing / ASO / Social Media depends on the startup needs.

We are based in Tel Aviv and London and expanding to Berlin these days.

If marketing is something you need drop me a line and let's talk :)
Lindsey Perez Social Media Community Manager, Partnership Coordinator
Hey, everyone! My name is Lindsey and I am the Social Media Community Manager and Partnerships Coordinator for a coworking space company based out of Brooklyn and Queens, New York called Green Desk! I am always willing to learn, teach, discuss pretty much anything. So feel free to contact me and ask about our spaces or anything else :) Happy connecting!
Luka Ivicevic Co-founder
Hi, I'm a co-founder at Penta. We're building the fastest, easiest and most powerful business bank in Europe. I'm excited to join the community.